Our Vision


Changing the world with salt and glass.

Our Mission


Our mission is to use our systems and processes to make the previously impossible possible for people and organizations and to enable them to create products that make the world a better place.

For us, open-mindedness and thus openness, receptiveness, accessibility and freedom from prejudice are the basis for excellent cooperation and our team spirit.

In daily interaction, honesty and reliability are the basis for our open-mindedness and together with this the basis for better solutions for our customers.

  • Open to the new and the familiar – we are always open to encounters with others
  • Dialogues on par for a successful cooperation

With our enthusiasm and passion, we do everything we can to get better and better every day.

We create an infectious atmosphere with enthusiasm, desire and fun for our daily work - not only for us, but also for our customers.

  • Our enthusiasm drives us to better performance
  • We want to constantly push our limits and make the unachieved possible

Community and individuality combined as a team spirit open up special opportunities for our cooperation.

The encounter on par and the feeling of togetherness help us to strengthen the individuality of each person and at the same time to pursue our vision together and not alone. Shared knowledge strengthens us all.

  • We work together, not for each other - whether internally or externally
  • Individuality and team spirit together guide us

Flexibility and diligence do not have to contradict each other - they should complement each other.

Because both together enable us to find and implement the best solutions within the scope of the possibilities. Adaptability, flexibility and agility are elementary elements of our work.

  • Respond to each one individually
  • Identify needs and make adjustments

Expert and honest communication in exchange with our customers is a key to our high level of solutions.

Our constantly adapting qualifications enable us to understand and successfully implement the wishes of our customers.

  • Our claim is the continuous improvement of our work and processes
  • We want to be the best in all our fields of activity

Our Contacts

Our History

First laboratory plant, 2016

Our research partner's first laboratory test facility goes into operation.

Project launch „SaltEtch“, 2017

Together with our research partner, we kick off a research project for the "Development of a modular structured system technology for glass etching based on reducing molten salts (SaltEtch)".

Project completion „SaltEtch“, 2020

We successfully complete the project and found AMSTOG GmbH based on the results.